Community Partnership for Protecting Children

CPPC is a statewide, community-based approach to child protection. Partnerships work together to prevent child abuse and neglect by identifying gaps, building community collaborations, and providing communication and partnerships around training, projects, and programs. The long-term focus of Community Partnerships for Protecting Children is to protect children by changing the culture to improve child welfare processes, practices, and policies. The CPPC approach involves four key strategies, which are implemented together to achieve the desired results:

Shared Decision Making – Provide leadership for collaborative efforts that promote community responsibility for the safety and well-being of children.

Policy and Practice Change – Improve policies and practices to reduce barriers and increase accessibility and relevance of services that lead to positive family outcomes.

Individualized Course of Action – Family Team Decision Making [FTDM] & Youth Transition Decision Making [YTDM]

Genuinely engage families and youth to identify strengths, resources, and supports to reduce barriers and help families succeed.

Neighborhood Networking – Promote cooperation and form alliances to provide more accessible and relevant informal and professional support, services and resources for families whose children are at risk for abuse and neglect.

Who is the program for?

Anyone who wants to help build strong children and families is welcome to attend meetings, as well as participate in activities.

Get Involved

Please contact Terry Hanson, Special Projects Coordinator, at Terry.Hanson@scottcountyiowa.gov to ask questions, attend CPPC meetings, or be placed on the CPPC contact and email lists to receive community information and updates.