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Handle With Care (HWC)

 Community Partnership for Protecting Children

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

The Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) aims to keep children safe from abuse and neglect and to support families. In Iowa, Community Partnerships have brought together parents, youth, social service professionals, faith ministries, local business, schools and caring neighbors to help design, govern and participate in programs that seek to create a continuum of care and support for children, youth and parents in their neighborhoods. This approach recognizes that keeping children safe is everybody‚Äôs business and that community members must be offered opportunities to help vulnerable families and shape the services and supports provided.

We provide leadership and help coordinate activities to implement the CPPC initiative in Scott County. This contract includes the Iowa Youth Decision Making Team initiative and Family Decision Making Team meetings.

Individualized Diversion Program

In coordination with Families, Inc

An effort to keep high-risk youth in their homes and communities, this program serves youth who are referred by Juvenile Court Services (JCS). Counselors use cognitive restructuring or reframing in the one-to-one sessions with youth over a period of 12 weeks.


HWC is an initiative with a goal to prevent children’s exposure to trauma and violence, mitigate negative affects experienced by children’s exposure to trauma and to increase knowledge and awareness of this issue. The model suggests that if a law enforcement officer encounters a child during a call, that child’s information is forwarded to the school before the school bell rings the next day. The school implements individual, class and whole school trauma-sensitive curricula so that traumatized children are “Handled with Care.” If a child needs more intervention, school-based mental healthcare is available. HWC was created in West Virginia and implemented in Scott County in 2016. In 2019, Muscatine County began implementing the initiative. Scott County Kids helps coordinate the initiative in both Scott and Muscatine Counties. Training is also available to help onboard new counties.

During Fiscal Year 2020, there were 350 notices provided in Scott County and 25 in Muscatine County.