Resources & Training

Child Care Home Support

This program makes sure that child care homes are following the state guidelines for child care, making it a healthy and safe environment for children in care.

  • Certification
  • Child Care
  • Child Care Nurse Consultant

    A Registered Nurse trained by Healthy Child Care Iowa is available to provide health and safety consultations to child care homes and centers in the area.

  • Birth - 5
  • Medical Assistance
  • Quality Child Care

    Quality Child Care is a program that helps child care providers become registered, participate in the Quality Rating System (QRS), or increase their QRS rating.

  • Certification
  • Education
  • Grants
  • Training
  • Scott County Kids Provider Panel

    The Scott County Kids Provider Panel is a work group of community providers serving residents who identify and address issues related to children’s mental health in Scott County.

  • Committee
  • Additional Resources

    For more information and additional training resources, visit

    Looking for information on becoming registered, licensed, or the Quality Rating System? Visit the Iowa Department of Human Services

    Looking for information on early childhood? Visit the National Association for the Education of Young Children

    Youth Mental Health Resources

    In addition to funding Early Childhood and Decategorization programs, Scott County Kids also helps families find the resources they need to support the mental and emotional health of children from birth to 18 years of age.

    Terry Hanson is our Special Projects Coordinator and central point of contact for families and community members serving and caring for children with mental health concerns. This position also provides the community with various trainings, including Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid. Terry connects families and providers with mental health resources in the community that meets their needs.  He also provides the community with various trainings, including Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid. Learn more about the Special Projects Coordinator.

    For more information on youth mental health resources and trainings, visit our Resources page.