Child Care Nurse Consultant

The Child Care Nurse Consultant is a Registered Nurse trained by Healthy Child Care Iowa that provides guidance and technical assistance to child care providers, preschools, families and communities regarding the health and safety of children. The Child Care Nurse Consultant offers a wide range of services from answering specific questions by telephone, to education for child care staff.

Who is the program for?

Services are available for Child Development Home Providers, Child Care Centers and Preschool Providers, and Scott County parents.

How does it work?

Child Care Nurse Consultants work with child care and early education businesses.  Families and businesses may call or send questions to a child care nurse consultant about health and safety policies, health programs, health of personnel, and specific child health or safety issues.

How has it helped?

The Child Care Nurse Consultant administers flu and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) vaccines to child care providers in Scott County, through a grant from Scott County Kids. These vaccines are the best way to protect individuals against the flu and whooping cough.  They are especially important for those who care for young children, who are sometimes too young to be vaccinated against these illnesses.

Client Testimonials

“This program is a valuable asset to our licensed child care programs. We have utilized the expertise of the Nurse Consultant to assist us in meeting the Quality Rating System requirements, as well as a resource for medical and health-related questions. The Nurse has provided information to our parents regarding communicable diseases and has provided support when we need to be sure that parents understand regulations and the reasons they are important. The Nurse has also been a resource for staff when they have questions and has assisted us with cleaning and sanitation tips and techniques, as well as wonderful hand washing lessons for our students. This program has in the past supplied radon test kits and hand washing timers.

I know that when we have a question or concern we can call the CCNC office for assistance, or a person that will lead us to where we need to go, if they cannot help us themselves. This valuable asset helps me ensure that my programs are not only meeting but exceeding goals related to the health of our children, families and staff in Scott County!”

— Deb Gustafson Executive Director, Child Care and Family Services,  A Branch of the Scott County Family Y

Learn more

The Child Care Nurse Consultant program is administered by the Scott County Health Department. For more information, please contact Jessica Redden, RN, by phone at (563)326-8618 ext. 8821 or by fax at (563)326-8774. You can also visit the Child Care Nurse Consultant page at the Scott County Health Department website.