Scott County Kids Provider Panel

The Scott County Kids Provider Panel is a panel of mental health professionals and other community supports for youth with mental and behavioral health needs.

The mission of the Scott County Provider Panel is to advocate and support an appropriate mental health response to children and youth in our community.  For the purposes of this mission statement, the definition of appropriate mental health response meets the following criteria:

  • timely
  • family driven
  • strengths based
  • individualized
  • culturally competent

Who is the program for?

Service providers in Scott County, Iowa who are working in some capacity with youth who have mental or behavioral health needs. For example, this panel includes school personnel, mental health agencies, MBAEA, DHS, etc.

How does it work?

The panel meets monthly to network and discuss areas of need and possible solutions for youth mental health services.

How has this program helped?

The panel has been able to help connect families and youth to local mental health services. The panel has resource tables at the annual conference, so families can make connections for services and information. The SCK Family Panel has a representative on the Provider Panel, so there is representation of what is important to families.  They can keep families as the focus of the panel.

Learn more

For information on meeting dates and times please contact Terry Hanson at or 563-326-8221