Individualized Placement Diversion Program

The Individualized Placement Diversion Program, covering the 7th Judicial District, will reduce the risks of delinquent youth from being placed outside of the home. The youth referred to the program will be determined as at high risk to reoffend by a Juvenile Court Officer (JCO) after reviewing the Iowa Delinquency Assessment.  An individualized treatment plan will be developed based on the client’s needs and desired outcomes identified by the JCO.

Who is the program for?

Must be determined and referred by a Juvenile Court Officer as high risk to reoffend, or at risk of being placed in residential treatment facilities outside the home, following the administration of the Iowa Delinquency Assessment.

How does it work?

A diversion counselor will meet with the client individually two to three times per week and include the family once per week until 50 session hours are completed, using approaches and components derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aggression Replacement Training, and/or Motivational Interviewing. Diversion counselors will ensure that clients are involved in a pro-social activity and families are rewarded by the time services end.

For more information

Referrals for this program must come from Juvenile Court only. If you have questions, contact  the Families, Inc. office at or fax (319) 643-5708.