Brief Intensive Services

The goals of the program include:  improve school performance, improve family functioning, increase informal supports and decrease involvement with DHS, JCS, and police. This program provides 6 months of in-home service working on goals identified by the family during the Family Team Meeting process.

Who is the program for?

Youth ages 6-17 who live in Scott County. The family can not have DHS or Juvenile Court involvement unless the youth is on informal probation.

How has this program helped?

Liz Olson, LSI Caseworker, received a referral for a teenage girl that was struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety.  When she began the program she had just returned from a psychiatric hospital where she was being evaluated for attempting suicide.  Progress was slow in the beginning as she continued to push anyone that attempted to help away.  She had just ended a relationship with her first boyfriend and was not taking it very well.  This client also had no motivation to continue her education after high school, although she has always made high honors.  Essentially she did not care.  However, with one month left of services this individual has taken control of her depression and is currently seeking information about area colleges and universities.  This individual has continued to make high honors.  Her new goals are to go to college and double major in marketing and business.  She and her family have greatly improved on their communication skills and continue to improve.

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