School Facilitator

Our School Facilitator works at an alternative high school with at-risk students.

Who is the program for?

This program is for students attending Edison Academy.

How does it work?

The program provides one-on-one counseling, skill building, and connecting students with community resources. The School Facilitator works closely with the teaching staff to provide individual help to students who are struggling to graduate from high school.

How has the program helped?

There are so many stories it is hard to pick out one. This program has helped many students gain access to mental health services, food assistance, clothing assistance, financial assistance and pregnancy/parenting assistance. Because of this program providing these services I have seen many students get stable, find jobs, apply to colleges, and achieve their high school diplomas. Many of them thought that they would never reach that goal. I have also seen many of our pregnant/parenting students be able to balance being a parent and high school student successfully. I frequently have past clients return to share how they are working full time, starting a trade program, or are beginning to take community college courses.

– Amy L. Larson, LMSW

Client Testimonials

The School Facilitator is extremely helpful. If I am having trouble with anything I can go to her. She is very kind and not judgemental. She’s always willing to listen. — Client

The School Facilitator has helped me through some of the roughest times I have had. She’s given me not only the support that I needed but great advice. She has inspired me and has reassured me that my goals in life are achievable. Overall, she has been of great help to me. Sometimes us kids need to talk to someone we can trust and by far she is that person we can trust. — Client

Learn more

Potential clients can learn more about our School Facilitator by contacting Amy L. Larson, LMSW, at or by calling 563-359-9375.