Strong African American Families

Strong African American Families  is a 7-week program for African American youth ages 10-14 and their parents/caregivers.  The program’s goals are to:

  • Strengthen parents’/caregivers’ ability to:
    • Find a balance between firm parenting and showing love
    • Support youth goals and promote independence
  • Help youth to:
    • Develop healthy goals for the future
    • Understand their positive qualities
    • Resist temptation and peer pressure related to risky behaviors
  • Build family strengths for supporting youth goals
  • Enhance families’ racial pride
  • Strengthen family communication and support

Who is the program for?

  • Families with youth who identify as African American ages 10-14
  • Single parent homes
  • Two parent homes
  • Foster families
  • Families with grandparents or other family members as caregivers
  • Multiracial families
  • Blended families

Client Testimonials

This program was very informative. Important issues were discussed. Allowing young African American children to have pride in themselves and their culture is very important. I also enjoy the interaction between the parents and their children. We need more programs like this in our communities. Thanks for the opportunity.         — SAAF caregiver participant

Sign Up

To sign up for the SAAF program, please contact Ellen Reilly-Christie, Learning Supports Specialist with Davenport Schools, at 563-336-3832 or You can also download a brochure for more information.