Parenting Successful Kids

Raising kids is harder than ever! There are so many things to worry about that it can be hard to know what to do! The good news is that there is more research today than there ever has been about how to raise caring, competent, contributing kids! Join us for education and discussion about your most important job—parenting!

Who is the program for?

This parent education series is intended for parents and caregivers of 5-12 year olds, although many topics are applicable and appropriate for older and younger children, as well. While some topics apply to all children (e.g. Media Literacy), other topics (e.g. Establishing Effective Rules and Consequences) are best applied to neuro-typical children and/or children with mild – moderate neuro-atypicality (e.g. ADHD). The approaches and techniques discussed in some sessions may not be effective or appropriate for children with moderate to severe mental health conditions, executive functioning impairments, and/or traumatic experiences. Any Scott County parent or caregiver may participate.

How does it work?

There are ten sessions in the series. Each session focuses on a different topic. Parents may attend one or more of the topics in the series. Each session includes dinner and gift that will help families implement the concept from that session. Parents who attend at least five of the ten sessions will receive $50 worth of incentives of their choice. Pre-registration is required.

Sign Up

To register for Parenting Successful Kids, please contact Jennifer Best, MS Ed., CFLE, CFCS-HDFS, BCC at (563) 359-7577 or email You can also download a brochure for more information.