Early Childhood Iowa

Vision and Mission


“Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful”


The mission of the Scott County Early Childhood Iowa Area is to coordinate and expand the community’s services to enable young children to be physically healthy, intellectually curious, emotionally sound and socially competent. Led by citizens, this public-private partnership provides a seamless continuum of services that help children strive to reach their full potential.


Based on our Guiding Principles, we have set these Goals for Scott County Kids Early Childhood Iowa:

  • Every preschool-age child in Scott County will be safe, healthy, intellectually stimulated and nurtured.
  • Every parent of a young child in Scott County will have access to education to be a more effective parent and “first teacher” of his or her child.
  • Each family in Scott County has the right to access to programs to enhance its unique strengths.
  • The entire Scott County community will share the responsibility for the wellbeing of all of its children.
  • The Scott County community will provide access to support, knowledge of child development and improved parenting skills to all of its parents as a means to reduce risk factors and school failure among its children.
  • Realizing that early intervention to support children and parents increases chances of success, Scott County will provide appropriate services as early as possible in the lives of its children.
  • Realizing that each family needs its own level of support, Scott County will provide a continuum of support to ensure that each young child will be ready for school.
  • To ensure lasting success for all of its children and families, Scott County will provide coordinated efforts to maintain needed services indefinitely.

Guiding Principles

  • The following principles create the philosophy supporting the Early Childhood Iowa Plan – Steps to Success.
  • Every child has a right to be safe, healthy, intellectually stimulated, and nurtured.
  • Parents are the first and most important teacher of their child and may benefit in learning more effective parenting.
  • Every Family has strengths that can be enhanced. Every family is unique.
  • The well being of children in the community is the responsibility of all adults in the community.
  • Support, knowledge of child development, and improved parenting skills reduce risk factors and school failure.
  • The earlier the intervention occurs to support children and parents, the greater the odds of success.
  • Every family needs support. Different families may need different levels of support. Thus, a continuum of support is essential for all children to be school-ready.
  • Lasting success for children and families takes coordinated efforts by all involved over a continued period of time.

These principles and values support our overall philosophy that we can have a greater impact on lives by working together than by working separately. With widespread human and financial support from an informed community, the system of delivering services will change to focus on developing the individual strengths of children and their families.

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